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DNA Testing For Dogs Now Affordable

Dog DNA Test
Wisdom Panel™ MX Mixed-Breed Dog DNA Test

Wisdom Panel™ MX Mixed-Breed Dog DNA Test available at Animal Care Wellness Center

Every Dog Has A Tale
That's why Mars Veterinary created Wisdom Panel™ MX, the gold standard in mixed-breed genetic identification for dogs. There are approximately 38 million mixed-breed dogs in the US. One simple test at your veterinarian's office reveals the untold story of their ancestry.


Separate FACT From FICTION
With Wisdom Panel MX, mixed-breed dogs will receive the most reliable DNA breed test available.

  • Blood-based sampling, scientifically proven to provide the highest quality DNA analysis, all for about $120
  • Detecting 157 different AKC breeds (incl. 4 Foundation Breeds) and counting
  • Proprietary algorithm providing 90% accuracy
  • Backed by a decade of peer-reviewed veterinarian science research on dog genetics
  • Dr. M DiCarlo, DVM will discuss the detailed report illustrating your dog's heritage,
    revealing breed traits and characteristics.



    Discovery Offers Potential Benefits for Dogs and their Owners

    San Bernardino, CA August 2009 - What makes a pointer point, a sheep dog herd, and a retriever retrieve? Why do Yorkshire terriers live longer than Great Danes? And how can a tiny Chihuahua possibly be related to a Great Dane?


    Dogs vary in size, shape, color, coat length and behavior more than any other animal and until now, this variance has largely been unexplained. Now, scientists have developed a method to identify the genetic basis for this diversity. How big will your dog get? How smart will it be? That information may have far-reaching benefits for dogs and their owners.


    In the cover story of this month's edition of the science journal Genetics , research reveals locations in a dog's DNA that contain genes that scientists believe contribute to differences in body and skull shape, weight, fur color and length - and possibly even behavior, trainability and longevity.

    Come in to Animal Care Wellness Center in San Bernardino for your dog's DNA test today. This affordable testing is only about $120. Call for an appointment six days a week at 909-883-6464. The Animal Care Wellness Hospital & boarding kennel hours are: Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. & Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. We are closed on Sundays.