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Phone: 909-883-6464| 3928 North Sierra Way San Bernardino, CA 92405

Doctor DiCarlo takes time with each client

5 state of the art exam rooms

we carry the medicines your pet needs

Dr. DiCarlo receives 2007 Chamber of Commerce award for the best building facility remodel of the year

Our CO2 Laser and Surgery Suite is state of the art

exterior lighting for your night time safety

Co2 Laser used for maximum safety during surgery

The changes include a complete perimeter fence for your pet's safety

Birds, rabbits, and small reptiles are welcome along with your dog or cat

This equipment used to be state of the art, now we have C02 Surgical Lasers

Dog and Cat Dental Care is Essential to their Health

Now when our technicians exercise pets after hours, the complete hospital property is fenced for their safety.

Sonogram used to enhance diagnosis. Ultrasound benefits quality of medical care for pets