Make an appointment with Dr. DiCarlo at our AAHA Accredited Hospital, Pharmacy & Boarding. We have Care Credit Financing.

 Open MONDAY 9:30am- 5pm; TUESDAY 10 am- 4 pm, WEDNESDAY 9:30 am- 5 pm; THURSDAY 10 am- 4 pm; FRIDAY 10 am- 6pm & SATURDAY CLOSED TEMPORARILY
 General & Class IV Laser Surgery, Class IV Laser Therapy, Exotics
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a healthy puppy starts with early check-ups
separate exam rooms for contagious animals and exotics
state of the art service
happy cat owners
Exam tables raise and lower for your dog's convenience
Private grieving room
Exam 1 with digital X-ray
friendly shots given by Joann and Jill
Leaving our cat with trusted friends, to fly on a jet plane
Happy news for our cat "Taxi"
Max Deleon gets good news for "Dollar"
Dr DiCarlo gives exam to the Chi's bunnies Binky and Little Bit
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