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Phone: 909-883-6464| 3928 North Sierra Way San Bernardino, CA 92405
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"I love the prompt, courteous, and through treatment I receive from the doctors and staff when I take my German Sheppard's, Roxy and Hailey, to the Animal Care Wellness Center. I also like the new more roomy and modern remodeling that has recently been done. I would highly recommend the Animal Care Wellness Center to everyone that wants the best of care for their pets."
Laurie Stringham
San Bernardino 01-10-2007
"Karly, our 13 year old cocker spaniel got to stay in your very comfortable and very clean Board and Care facility for three days and when we picked her up...she didn't want to leave! She got spoiled and loved by your most efficient staff. Thank you for being the best in the industry. L. Nevarez"
Ludvina Nevarez
Highland 05-22-2007
"He was wonderful. It is difficult for me to find a doctor for my bunny rabbit and Dr. Di Carlo was great. He guided me with all my questions and anwers for my bunny rabbit. I had many questions and concerns when she was getting neutered because it is a very delicate procedure. My lil bunny was very well taken care of and so was I. I called the next day and the next to make sure my bunny was o.k. I am thankful to him because my bunny made it through when she had a clogg in her system and she wasn't eating or pooping. Dr Di Carlo made sure she was gonna be ok."
Martha V
San Bernardino 02-26-2007
"We have been bringing our animals for over 25 years. But, the new improvements are wonderful. We can now also view the web site in spanish. The service is even better with Dr. DiCarlo, Dr Holt and Dr. Troxel all at the new hospital. Thank you so much to all the veterinary technicians too! Your kindness and care is the very best. I enjoyed being able to read this web site in spanish"
Lenny & Lisa Duran
Big Bear Lake 11-21-2008
"Dr. DiCarlo and his staff have been taking care of Buddy and Bear (my 2 Pomeranians) since they were born. The Animal Care Wellness Center kennel is the only place I will leave my animals when I travel. Dr. DiCarlo is the most caring and capable Veterinarian I have ever met."
Ruth Henry
Del Rosa 01-09-2007
"We absolutely love Dr. DiCarlo's hospital and would never take our pets anywhere else!"
Aaron Halloway
San Bernardino 12-18-2006
"The first-class facilities of the animal care clinic are like nothing else I've ever seen in an animal hospital. Not to mention that if my wife and I ever leave town, we can feel secure in boarding our Springer Spaniel, Ares in one of their 'luxury' kennels. He gets walked and bathed while we are out of town! Dr. DiCarlo and Dr. Holt are gentle, caring, and informative, and their staff is always helpful and courteous. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! -Sonny, Laurie, and Ares Highland, CA"
Sonny Nevarez
Highland 05-04-2009
"I just moved from Orange County and this Hospital matches the type of care that my pets are used to! When I moved to San Bernardino, I did not know a veterinarian and I was very worried about the quality of care I would find. But, having met Dr. DiCarlo and his staff, I am no longer concerned in the least! BRAVO! Keep up the fabulous work! You have made a believer out of our family!"
Tom James
Redlands 09-19-2007
"Notably good service experience! Dr. DiCarlo and his beautiful staff are caring, nurturing, and considerate. They care for all our animals, and now my neighbor's too. It's certainly worth the short drive down the mountain from Crestline, and they are open 6 days a week."
Lori Lux
Crestline 02-13-2008
"I love Animal Care Wellness Center. Everyone at the hospital always take extra special care of my english bulldog, Meatball. I will be an Animal Care Wellness Center customer for the rest of Meatball's life, now that we have moved to the west coast permanently from Florida. I am a true pet lover"
Danny Skelley
Huntington Beach 10-18-2006
"I loved the personal service and got to know more about pet wellness care because of Dr. DiCarlo. My cat Whitey Buttercups also had a great stay in the clean air conditioned boarding kennel next to the hospital during our California visit. See you again!"
Alexandra D. Suriel
Yonkers 04-23-2008
"The ultimate source for good health, wellness and loving care for your animals. Since we started taking our dogs and cats to Dr. DiCarlo at Animal Care Wellness Center they have attained maximum longevity and we sincerely appreciate their personal service to our family. The veterinarians at this hospital are up to date experts in their field! Anyone looking for the best and most resonably priced health care for their animals should take them to the staff at this hospital, clinic and boarding kennel (we have used them all). Our experience with their staff shows us they know how to handle and care for broken bones, arthritus, poison detection and treatment and preventative care. You will love them too!"
Gene Hill
San Bernardino 10-24-2008
"I would absolutely recommend Animal Care Hospital Wellness Center even if there is a closer Vet near you. You can see from the people working there and since becoming a client that your pet gets the utmost attention and correct care."
san berbardino 03-24-2009
"My in-laws had taken all their pets to see Dr. DiCarlo since the new hospital opened three years ago and had nothing but wonderful comments about their experience there. They wont let anyone else take care of their pets except Dr. DiCarlo. My husband and I have a cat and a dog and would not consider taking them anywhere else. They have always been caring and respectful to our family. The new veterinarian Dr. Janet Troxel and staff has also been friendly and courteous every time I call or go in. Great pet care at an affordable price always!"
Mindy Garcia
Fontana 09-04-2009
"Best pet care services in San Bernardino County. We have lived in the area in Highland, Big Bear, Devore and San Bernardino. We have never found a better hospital to care for our dogs! Dr Holt, Dr Troxel and Dr. DiCarlo are the tops in their field! Thank you"
David A. Detrich
San Bernardino 10-03-2009
"Simply the best animal care we have ever found. Now, we also use their kennel for our dogs when we go on vacation and special veterinary diet foods as well. The doctors and staff are fair, friendly and most of all medically competent. What more could you ask for? Thank you from the Smith family, Redlands, CA"
Karly Smith
Redlands 10-12-2010
"Dr. DiCarlo and his staff are the best in this area! Since 2002, they have been taking care of our dogs with the most compassion and care I have ever had with a Vet. Even when our pets pass, they are always there to help us through. The prices are always fair too. Thanks for being the best at what you do and thank you for adding the careing services of Dr. Troxel and Dr. Holt too!"
Vivian Munson
San Bernardino 12-20-2010
"I have been going to Animal Care Wellness Center for over 10 years Just want to say if you love your pet, you wouldn't want to go anywhere else. These people are just awesome. They truly care..."
Nancy Radtke
Riverside 01-13-2011
"Thank you for saving Bandit through his serious illness. Dr. Marc and staff are the greatest. Although Bandit is still on his road to a full recovery, the continuing care he receives at the clinic is excellent. We absolutely recommend this veterinarian, staff and clinic to any animal owner in the area. Bandit is a Therapy Dog and a Service Dog, and his recovery is so important to our family. Thank you Dr. Marc, and to all the staff! Hugs.....from the Bradshaw's."
Carol Bradshaw
San Bernardino 02-23-2011
"We've been taking our two dogs to Animal Care Wellness Center for over 10 years. Dr DiCarlo is an extremely caring and knowledgeable Vet. The staff is always welcoming and efficient. The office is very clean and high tech. I wouldn't want to take our pets to any other Vet. Unfortunately, one of our dogs passed away a few months ago. He was like one of our kids, and it was an extremely hard time for us. Dr DiCarlo, Dr Holt, and his entire staff was so comforting and caring. We truly appreciated all their kind words and help. Now we have one dog, who is our pride and joy, and we wouldn't take her to any other Vet. We would strongly recommend Dr DiCarlo / Dr Holt and their entire staff to anyone looking for an excellent Vet. Gil and Chris"
Gil Sumaya
San Bernardino 05-19-2011
"Hi everyone. I love Animal Care. Thank you for having the best pet hospital anywhere. We are just lucky enough to have Animal Care Wellness Center here in the Inland Empire"
janice vary
San Bernardino 05-22-2011
"I have been taking my animals here for over 5 years. I have always felt well cared for so my animals feel comfortable too. Dr. DiCarlo was so wonderful when I had to euthanize my darling Pierre in 2007. There is a grieving room where we all were to send my dog to Heaven. One of their amazing techs held Pierre with me while Dr. Dicarlo gently injected him. It was so peaceful and gave my Pierre dignity in death. God's blessings to all of you at the Animal Care Wellness Center! We will see you again soon"
Carol Martin
San Bernardino 06-24-2011
"I have had many, many dogs -- all sizes and breeds. We inherited two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels about 2 years ago and started going to this fine clinic. Both our cavaliers suffered from Mitral Valve Relapse -- Maggie died a year ago last October. Monty is still alive and thriving due to the compassionate care of Dr. Susan Holt. Since we had not seen her before, I was nervous at first, but we and Monty love her now. She is one fantastic, caring vet!!"
Joellen Flynt
Rialto 07-06-2011
"We've been taking our dogs to ACWC for years. When it came time to put our two eldest down due to old age and cancer, the staff at ACWC took such good care of us and our beloved pets. As is the case for most pet owners, our dogs were a part of our family, and I felt the ACWC staff looked on them the same way."
Tim Cramer
San Bernardino 07-16-2011
"Garcalco family review of Animal Care Wellness. Our first experience was to try the non-anesthetic dental care and have our precious kitty's teeth cleaned at Animal Care Wellness Center. I was completely blown away by the quality of care and attention the fine doctors and staff gave to our pet. This staff is the best and the prices are so very reasonable, Thank you for taking such good care of our family pet!"
Rick Garcalco
Grand Terrace 08-07-2011
"I would like to thank Dr. Holt and the caring staff at Animal Care Wellness Center. Our family dog, Bella, was really sick and I brought her to the clinic to find out what was wrong with her. I didn’t have an appointment but the wait time was about 15 minutes! Dr. Holt wanted to know all her symptoms and had x-rays ordered. Our dog ate rocks that were stuck in her intestines. She recommended for Bella to have an IV and treatment to get rid of the rocks that was causes the blockage. This required Bella to stay overnight. The staff and Dr. Holt helped put me at ease that Bella would get the very best treatment. It is so nice to have people that care for your dog and really enjoy what they do. I picked her up today and her tail was wagging like crazy. I can’t thank you enough for making our family dog feel better."
Lori Laine
Highland 02-21-2012
"love you guys-- you are the best"
Lucy A. webb
CA 04-11-2013
"We drove an hour from our home to this Vet because we needed someone who specialized in English Bulldogs. Our 3-year-old bulldog was having a lot of problems with her eyelids rolling into her eyes and scratching her corneas. We knew surgery was the only solution and brased ourselves for a huge bill. We found this place to be extremely clean and modern and staffed with genuine animal lovers. The office visit was very reasonable, only $ 39. Dr Troxel was fantastic. She entered the exam room and proptly sat on the floor and examined our dog from that position. We scheduled the surgery for 2 days later. We were surprised at how reasonalble the fee was. The Doc did a fabulous job on our dogs eyes and even touched them up a little more upon removal of the stitches when the swelling had gone down, no extra charge. I highly recommend this office. I wish it was closer to me because it would be the only place I'd go if it was. Thank you Dr Troxel!!"
Brenda Gomez
west covina, CA 12-02-2013
"Dr Di Carlo was GREAT. He did what he could to save my daughter's guinea pig. He gave her every chance possible and was wonderful about explaining everything to my daughter and myself. Unfortunately she died 2 days later. The Veterinarians are great and I would take my animals back there anytime. Unfortunately I cannot same the same for some of the staff. When I called to cancel my followup appt, because our piggie died. She said, 'I'll make a note of that' and 'is there anything else?'. Okay, I know it is hard to find help, but as a human being they usually have compassion. There was NO ' I'm sorry for your loss', 'I'm sorry to hear that', or anything caring at all. Kinda tainted my perception of the clinic. It is a good thing that Dr Di Carlos was so caring. So was Dr Holt (whom we miss because she helped take care of our sick doggie and came in on a Sunday to put her to sleep, so she didn't suffer anymore, which was about 5 yrs ago now.)"
Suzanne Hicks
Highland, CA 10-09-2014
"Today was my cats first visit and it was by far the best vet visit ever. Dr. Dicarlo is very passionate about the animals. He was talking with my cat and she was meowing back at him. His staff is so friendly and make you feel relaxed."
Tiffany Sellas
highland, CA 08-31-2016