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The benefits of Ultrasound and Sonograms
Animal Care Wellness Center in San Bernardino, CA

Abdominal Ultrasounds:

  • Ultrasonic examination of the adrenal gland can help identify masses in you Cushing's suspects. It will also evaluate for vessel invasion.
  • GI Ultrasound: Rule out intestinal masses, foreign body obstructions, and linear foreign bodies. Ultrasound can also help diagnose GI perforations, infiltrative diseases of the intestine such as lymphoma and salmon poisoning, and find intestinal infarction and ileus.
  • Use fine needle aspiration of enlarged abdominal lymph nodes to discriminate lymphoma or mast cell disease form inflammatory diseases. It also can be used to diagnose nodal metastases of other tumors.
  • Rule out infarction or torsion of the spleen, identify splenic changes associated with neoplastic infiltration, hematoma and systemic infections (e.g. rickettsia).
  • Ultrasound also be used to identify thrombus in the aorta, vena cava, portal vein or the the primary branches of these vessels.

    Ultrasound is useful for many things beyond the traditional cardiac and abdominal exams. Ultrasound can be used to evaluate muscle lesions, deep subcutaneous or intramuscular mass lesions, chronic draining tracts, the mediastinum, and even some pulmonary lesions. Listed below are some typical as well as some less common uses for ultrasound that can help you get your diagnosis:

    | Liver Disease| Renal Disease| Abdominal Ultrasound| Genito-Urinary System
    | Endocardiography| Neck Ultrasound| Thorasic Ultrasound| Musculoskeletal Ultrasound|

    Minimal Ultrasound Expense

    Liver Disease: Ultrasound can be used to identify changes associated with hepatic lipidosis, neoplasia, biliary obstruction, gall stones, portosystemic shunts and more:

    • Sonogram is minimally invasive and to assess liver condition with minimal risk.
    • Ultrasound guided liver biopsy is a common procedure that can often get you a definitive diagnosis with relatively low risk. Ultrasound on the dog in photo below is being preformed in our surgery center by Dr. Susan Holt who joined our Animal Care Wellness Center staff this past summer.

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